In the early noughties I became aware that ordinary home users had very limited options for IT support, always having to take it somewhere to have it repaired and then trying to work out what to do when getting it home again. IT Know Howe was born out of the idea of actually going to people’s homes to see the problem, right where it was happening.

In 2003 I left a corporate role in IT Management and, with my wife Fiona, we set up our business. IT Know Howe has ebbed and flowed with the changing face of technology over the years, having expanded to have staff and offices, the business is now just two of us working from home again. With a large database of customers, I now just cover the Taunton & Wellington area for visits, though remote support means I help customers who have left Taunton and moved across the UK and beyond.

We came up with our company strap line some years ago, but sums up nicely the way I work: “Computer Support Made Simple”. I look forward to making your computer life more simple.

Martin Howe