Take control of your email accounts

All too often the only email people have is the one provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). A lack of knowledge and a belief that it is ‘too complicated’ stop people from taking control of their email management and setting up their own account.

Why would you want to have your own account? If you set up a Microsoft email address or a Google one or a Yahoo one (as examples) then you have an email address that is independent of your ISP. So, in very simple terms, if you change ISP then you keep the same email address whichever ISP you sign up to.

If you are used to using an email program to check your email, for example Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook, then you can still configure these independent email accounts to be checked there. Further more, in our experience, the likes of a Hotmail account or a Google account seem to work better when you are using them in multiple locations such as your laptop, smartphone and tablet.email

If we continue to extrapolate this out, using multiple email addresses for different things becomes possible. So you might want to have email account for friends and family, plus a separate email account for registering for things e.g. online shopping. Simply make a note of the second email address in your ‘passwords book’ and then you can refer to it as required. By using the second account, you avoid all the rubbish emails they might send you, but gives you access and a way to communicate with them, if required.

So don’t be afraid to take control of your email, make it work for you rather than you be a slave to it!