How the Scam is used to Scam!

While many people are aware that it is NOT Microsoft ringing to say that there is a problem with your computer or laptop, there are still some who think it is a genuine call, particularly if their computer or laptop has been playing up.

We have just had a lady fall victim to this and she assisted the caller to get access to her computer. The caller declared they could help her, but she would need to pay £189.00 for a 5 year contract. Believing this to be a good deal she paid them with her debit card.

Obviously she has now been had, but this is not the end of the story.


The following day she had a call from someone she thought was her bank, to say that she had been scammed the previous day. They went through various things with her, assuring her that they would help her and she thought that was the end of it as her bank was sorting it out. In fact, what happened was that £400 per day was taken from her account for the next 10 days. Yes, £4000!

Eventually the fraud came to light when she needed some money and having spoken to her bank it became clear what had happened. Her bank are refunding her the £4000, which was taken fraudulently, but the original £189 will not be returned as she willingly paid this for what she thought was a service, albeit that too was part of the scam.

If you are reading this and thinking, “How could she be so silly?”, then reflect on how many people you know who also might get taken in by something like this. So please share this story around, to help protect those who cannot protect themselves!