Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 Updates

Windows updates have always been a nuisance.

They became even more irritating with the advent of Windows Vista when they would complete installing as you restarted your computer (a feature now in all subsequent versions of Windows).

Now with Windows 10 there appears to be a “you’ve ignored me long enough so you will install me now!” feature. If you are yet to witness it, it comes from constantly putting your computer or laptop to sleep to avoid having to wait for updates to install. Eventually the updates will install in the background and then DEMAND a restart, with the alternative that it will do it in the next ‘x’ number of minutes.

On the face of it this is another annoyance¬†from Microsoft, however, on the whole it is a easily dealt with by making time for updates. There is always that amount of time when you don’t actually need to be on your PC and that is the time to give it its head and let it update.

And just to remind everyone that if your computer has not been on for a week, because of holiday or just not needing it, then do remember to turn it on for an hour each week and leave it to do all the relevant updates it needs to do. At least this way when you turn it on it doesn’t send you mad while you wait for it to catch up on all that has gone on in the world while it has been off!