How to resolve basic broadband issues

How to resolve basic broadband issues

It’s that nightmare scenario of no internet! So what do you do?

There are a few basic steps for ‘self help’ you can take BEFORE you ring your service provider.

Firstly is it just you or is everyone in the house having the same problem? It might be you have a laptop or PC plus a tablet, so can you still get on the internet with the tablet?

  • If YES – Then simply restarting your PC or laptop will probably fix it
  • If restarting the PC does not fix it then check you are still connected to the router and, if you are, it could be something else which will require further investigation

If your tablet does not go on the internet either, then restart your router.

  • Wait two minutes for the router to come back to life and try again
  • If you still have a problem, wait an HOUR and restart the router
  • If you still have a problem, wait till the afternoon or next morning and restart the router

Some problems happen ‘on the line’ and someone somewhere is probably already trying to fix it – it’s is just a matter of waiting

If you have just a computer or laptop and still cannot get on the internet after restarting the router as suggested above, then visit a friend and check your laptop will connect to the internet via their router. If you have a PC then get someone to visit you with their laptop or tablet and see if they can connect to the internet via your router.

If you have still got no internet and you have done these simple tests, then it is probably time to ring someone. You can ring us and we can come out to take the checks to the next level or you can ring your service provider and they will talk you through them, but either way it is time to get further help!