When is a backup not a backup? When it hasn’t worked!

As you are aware we (almost) constantly remind you to backup your pictures, documents, music, etc, which is a message that many of you have now heeded.

So now we would like to remind you to CHECK your backup. Why? Quite simply because sometimes these things don’t work! It is very easy to get in the comfort zone that you have a backup, without actually checking that the backup HAS ACTUALLY BACKED YOUR STUFF UP!

How do you check? Simply make sure the drive that stores your backup is attached and go and have a look at it to see what’s there: you should be able to look for a recent document or photo to know that it is backing up correctly.

It is worth checking these things from time to time as, like most things, it is all about technology and it can go wrong. We have had PCs and laptops brought to us that have failed, only to find the associated backup has been going to the wrong place or not been working at all. That’s an awkward double whammy for us to have to explain to the customer.