How good is your broadband deal?

How good is your broadband deal?

There are some incredible broadband offers around at the moment. Have you taken advantage of one of these and moved to a new broadband supplier? Why not, when there are so many good deals when you sign up to a new supplier? There are discounted deals, half price deals and some even being marketed as free!

While there are many reasons why people do not change broadband supplier, the most common we come across is a REALLY simple one: people don’t want to give up their email address.

Lots of people have already ‘broken away’ from having their email address being linked to their broadband supplier. These are the people who have chosen, and email addresses amongst others. These people can swap from broadband service to broadband service, while their email address remains the same.

So, for example, is it time for you to give up your or address? If the cost per month is not really an issue, then the old adage of “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it” applies. However, if you are concerned about the amount you are paying out, but can’t face losing your email address, then it is just a matter of planning. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Set up your new independent email address.
  • Next tell the people you want to know about it and start using it.
  • Continue to check your old email account to ‘catch’ anyone you’ve missed.
  • Give it from three to six months and then order your new broadband.

In fairness, your old ‘linked’ email address is likely to work for some time after you leave your old broadband supplier, but there are those suppliers that when the broadband is swapped simply kill off your email with it. This makes a ‘planned’ change a much better idea.

Broadband DealsAt some point your old ‘linked’ email address will stop working or you just stop checking it. Equipped with your new independent email address you are now free to take up further offers in the future and keep the cost of your broadband to a minimum!

Some of the current offers can be found on the Uswitch Website by clicking HERE

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