Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

One of the biggest requests at the moment is “How can I stop all these rubbish emails?” The answer, unfortunately, is you can’t.

There are ones you can unsubscribe from, which are ‘self inflicted’ and result (usually) from buying something either online or in a store where you have handed over your email address. Unsubscribing just requires you to scroll to the bottom of the email message and click on the relevant ‘unsubscribe’ link. IMPORTANT: Only unsubscribe from companies with UK postal addresses (also found at the bottom of the email) as spammers will often use unsubscribe links to actually confirm your email address works and in these instances they will often then sell your email address and make things even worse!

The rest of the ‘rubbish’ you are receiving you have no control over. The ONLY thing you can do is mark the item as Spam (or Junk), which will put it in the Spam (Junk) folder. It is worth doing this as your service provider will ‘record’ this and, if enough people do the same, then the service provider will watch out for those emails and take action before these messages get to you. Sadly, as the Spammers know this, they just keep changing the format of their messages in order to overcome your valiant actions!

So we really just have to put up with it? Well, fundamentally, yes. The only suggestion would be to set up an additional ‘shopping’ email address, which is used to buy stuff with. When you start getting too much ‘rubbish’ on that email address you can simply ditch it and set up another one.