Windows Updates – Annoying But Necessary

Windows Updates – Annoying But Necessary

There are two problems with Windows Updates: they take ages and happen all the time.

In reality, they happen once a month and, in truth, don’t take that long, it’s just that they always happen when you want to get on.

For those of you commenting that these updates happen throughout the month, you will probably be on slower broadband connection, which means they just take longer to download and the computer will apply them as they become available.

There are some Windows 10 updates that do take longer, it is true. These are the major upgrades that happen to Windows 10 and can take from 1 to 3 hours to happen. However, these are not that often. Some Windows 10 updates leave you wondering if anything is happening at all, resulting in some people turning their PCs off, which is obviously not good. It really is just a matter of patience. Obviously there are occasions when the poor little things get their nickers in a twist and do need to be turned off and back on to kick start the process, but this is rare and not “all the time”.

Some Windows 7 users find their computers installing updates each time they shut down, which is obviously not right and needs sorting. Some Windows 7 users haven’t seen an update in months, which is equally as bad and also needs attention. Why? Well, Windows Updates are like cars having a recall by the manufacturer; something they thought was OK is not and it needs dealing with. Windows Updates patch or repair errors in the software code that could allow criminals to hack your computer or laptop. With ever increasing figures for digital fraud (up to £775m in 2016) and ever increasing numbers of people using computers and laptops for online banking and purchases, it makes sense to keep your device as up to date as possible.

Therefore the message is accept Windows Updates as a necessary part of owning a computer or laptop and just be patient when the time comes.