They’ve hacked my password! Really?

They’ve hacked my password! Really?

Have you had an email which shows one of your passwords in the subject line? If so, then don’t panic as it is all just another scam.

Yes, they have a password of yours, but based on my own experience of this the password is at least 6 years old. It has been hacked from a database somewhere, probably years ago, and is being used now by criminals who have got creative.

Yes, you recognise the password, but you probably haven’t used it for years, so don’t worry.

If you recognise¬†it as a password you still use then, I have to ask, what are you playing at? Passwords should be updated annually, if not more frequently, should be unique i.e. it’s different to your other passwords, and it should be strong, including upper case and lower case letters, numbers and possibly include a character e.g. @ or # .

Do mention this to others as I have spoken to a lot of people who have received these emails who genuinely believe their laptop or computer has been hacked.