Remote Support

Remote Support

At these extreme times of self-isolating or social distancing, I thought I should remind everyone that there are a lot of computer/laptop problems I can fix remotely. That’s to say it is not necessary for me to visit! I log onto your PC using some clever software and then I can control it as if I was with you.

Two things are required for me to be able to do this: firstly, you need to have internet access and secondly, I need your help to get me connected up.

(For TalkTalk customers, there is a problem whereby TalkTalk have blocked all remote access to their customer PCs i.e. everything I have mentioned above I cannot do! It is necessary to log into your TalkTalk account and turn off the Spam Protection feature before Remote Support can be provided.)

For many their laptops/computers have taken on a new purpose; a lifeline. For all those people I have met over the years and said of their PC, “What you know and use it for now may change in the future”: this is somewhat extreme, but is the sort of thing I was referring to.

If you think I can help, please ask. I will do my best to assist in any way I can. I would only ask to please bear with Fiona and I as we work through your messages, while at the same time supporting our own older family members.