My computer is running slow

My computer is running slow

“My computer is running slow” is something I regularly hear, which is not surprising given the expectation that I will resolve the situation. However, my first response is somewhat unexpected by most, as it is simply to update the computer.

Microsoft seem to have created ‘sulk mode’ within Windows 10, when it does not get the attention it is looking for. Often a slow, sluggish performance is simply an attempt to draw notice to the fact a Windows Update requires a restart of the computer. Now, that’s a RESTART and not Shut Down. This can go unnoticed for several weeks, during which time the computer becomes slower and slower to respond. The view of the user is that there is a fault, whereas the reality of the situation is that the computer is just going to be slow to cooperate until Windows Updates are applied.

If your computer is running slow (or even if not, but you would like to check anyway):

  • Click on Start (bottom left corner)
  • Click on Settings (the Cog two update from Start)
  • Look for Updates and Security and click on it
  • Is there anything waiting to be installed or a restart?
  • If yes Is, then do so and restart when instructed
  • If not then click on Check for Updates, apply them and restart as requested
  • Repeat checking for updates and restarting till there are no more

Whether or not this makes a difference to the performance, it is a good exercise to bring the computer up to date.

If the performance is still not as expected or desired, then it might well be something else, which is where I can help.