Don’t put off Windows Updates

We all know Windows Updates are important to keep laptops and computers up to date. What is not clear is that some will not install when you shut down.

“But of course they do, Martin!” I hear you cry.

OK, if you select ‘Update and Shut Down’ SOME pending updates will install, but others require a restart to complete the process. These updates bring up a little blue window telling you there is an update and asking if you want to ‘Restart now, Pick a time or Remind me later’. The mistake made here is that people schedule the update, but don’t leave their computer on to actually do the update.

So what should you do? Well, as a way to cover all your bases, I would recommend clicking on ‘Update  and Restart’. Yes, this does mean coming back to your computer or laptop in a while to shut it down properly, but it will get ALL the updates installed for you.