Which Internet Browser to use?

Which Internet Browser to use?

Internet Explorer:

This is due to be retired by Microsoft next summer. However, it is very much a dead duck already, with many websites not accessible while using it. Time to stop using it.

Microsoft Edge:

The replacement for Internet Explorer. Works well, but the home page puts people off, as who wants all those images? Plus, it uses Microsoft Bing as the search engine, while many people prefer Google search. Quite like the “Collections” feature in this. If you can get the home page changed to Google, it’s worth giving it a go.

Google Chrome:

A favourite with so many for so long. It works. It has Google Search. Need I say more?

Mozilla Firefox:

For the adventurous. It’s always been a poor relation to the other browsers, but if you can get your head around it, then it is actually has some clever features, provided you sign up to be part of their family!

AVG Secure Browser:

No, no, no. Stop using it. You do not want your activity monitored and influenced by a company in the Czech Republic.


You are on a Mac user and, in their world, Safari is king.

Which one do I use?

I switch between Google Chrome and Edge, mostly as these are the two most popular with my customers and I need to know each of them. By choice I would probably use Edge, with the home page set to Google. I do occasionally use Firefox, just to see how it behaves on certain web pages.