Unsubscribe for Unsolicited Emails

Unsubscribe for Unsolicited Emails

I see lots of Inboxes literally bursting with advertising emails. You know the sort I mean, the ones from every company you’ve ever bought something from and every company in their group.

For all these legitimate companies, there is a legal requirement for them to give you an option to UNSUBSCRIBE. So why not use it?

The next time you get an email offering you discounted gardening goods from a company you once bought a hoe from, open it, scroll to the bottom and look for the VERY small print where you will almost certainly find the word UNSUBSCRIBE. Click on it and another page will open, often telling you simply that you have already been unsubscribed. (If it doesn’t, then read the words carefully and take the steps necessary).

I hardly get any of this sort of marketing material, because I have unsubscribed.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t get a LOT of rubbish emails, but these others are just scams which I cannot stop and just get deleted.

So, take action and help keep you Inbox free of emails you can actually stop being sent in the first place.